Bolshoi Theatre Opens 235th Season with World Premiere of Angelin Preljocaj Ballet


The Bolshoi Theatre starts off its 235th season with the world premiere of the ballet "And then, One Thousand Years Peace".Creation 2010 by the outstanding contemporary French choreographer Angelin Preljocaj. The project forms part of the Year of France in Russia and of Russia in France.

The 'prehistory' to the ballet began back in 2007 when Angelin Preljocaj came to Moscow in order to select several soloists to take part in one of his productions. The Bolshoi theatre dancers made such a strong impression on him that he suggested he create a new ballet for them. And in 2009 the choreographer returned to Moscow – this time to chose dancers for this new ballet.

In this ballet Angelin Preljocaj turns again to a biblical theme, as he did in his famous Annunciation. But this time he has taken The St. John the Divine Revelation as the basis of his theme. The choreographer, however, warns there is no point in searching here for images directly illustrative of text - it is the idea of showing what is hidden, of pulling back the curtain, revealing (Apocalypse is a Greek word for revelation or uncovering), that he pursues in this work. The gist of the ballet therefore is rather to explore what lies hidden in a man’s soul.

Working on the production alongside the choreographer are some of the most outstanding representatives of contemporary art at the present time.
Author of the music is Laurent Garnier, the "father of French electronics", known to the public throughout the world, the Moscow public too – though more to frequenters of clubs than theatre. Garnier, however, has long ago successfully broadened his horizons beyond the profession of DJ. This is not his first venture into music theatre – he has composed the music for other Angelin Preljocaj and Marie-Claude Pietragalla ballets.
The production marks the debut as scenographer of the Indian artist Subodh Gupta. In taking possession of a space that is new to him, Gupta has managed to retain his "metallic element" signature style (Subodh Gupta’s forte are his stainless steel sculptures and installations).
Creation 2010 is the well-known couturier Igor Chapurin’s fifth work for the Bolshoi Theatre (he designed the costumes for the ballets Les Presages, Jeu de Cartes, Class Concert and for the operetta Die Fledermaus).

There are 10 Bolshoi Theatre dancers taking part in the production and 11 members of Ballet Preljocaj. These are:
Arsen Karakozov, Anastasia Meskova, Nuria Nagimova, Anton Savichev, Egor Sharkov, Alexander Smolyaninov, Xenia Sorokina, Anna Tatarova, Alexey Torgunakov, Anastasia Vinokur;
Sergi Amoros Aparicio, Sergio Diaz, Celine Galli, Natacha Grimaud, Jean-Charles Jousni, Emilie Lalande, Celine Marie, Lorena O'Neill, Fran Sanchez, Nagisa Shirai, Nicolas Zemmour.

The first night performances at the Bolshoi will take place from 14-19 September, after which the production will set off on tour.