Dance of Life on the World's Edge


The Bolshoi Theatre includes in its repertoire the second work by the world-famous Dutch choreographer of Czech origin Jiří Kylián - his early ballet, which, like a fine wine, has an impressive background and has been tested by time and theatre stages in many countries. It is very symbolic that we remember Forgotten Land in 2017, when the whole ballet world celebrated the seventieth anniversary of the maestro.

Kilian became famous not only for his works, but also for his magnificent troupe - he makes the Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) one of the most successful ballet companies. He started his career as a dancer and as a choreographer under John Cranko in the Stuttgart Ballet (“stuttgart miracle”, as critics called him). In 1981, almost ten years after the death of Cranko, Jiří Kylián, who had been directed NDT for several years, met Marcia Haydée’s request to stage a ballet for the Stuttgart company. (Haydée was the muse of John Cranko, and succeeded him as the company's director after his death).  

The background of the production is given on the official website of the choreographer.

The premiere series of shows will be held on 2, 3, 4 and 5 of November (cast).