The Bolshoi joins Google Cultural Institute.


Dear followers and viewers, we are happy to announce that from now on the virtual 3D excursion around The Bolshoi and digital exhibitions of our museum are available! All of this became possible thanks to The Bolshoi and Google partnership in context of Cultural Institute project.

Now you can walk over all the floors of the Historical and New stages online, check all the details of imperial foyers, visit the boxes and even stand on The Bolshoi famous stage! And for the first time the viewers are allowed to visit the upper stage where all the ballets and operas are rehearsed. You can walk through the orchestra pit and see the stage from the conductor’s and musicians’ point of view as well. The Bolshoi virtual 3D tour is available at

Besides online excursion The Bolshoi digital exhibitions are available now as part of Cultural Institute as well. 3 virtual expositions start the project: “Bolshoi vintage photography”, “Fyodor Fyodorovsky. Legend of The Bolshoi Theatre”, “Costumes of The Bolshoi Theatre”. You can watch them at

There will be more exhibitions in our collection in future, stay tuned!