Dear Friends,
On behalf of the Bolshoi Theatre’s Company I would like to express my deep gratitude to all those who support the Bolshoi in its 247th season.

The Bolshoi has always been, and still remains, our country’s pride, a symbol of Russia’s rich culture, a focus of its talent and traditions. A “symbol”, however, is more than Theatre’s facade and columns — a “national patrimony” is the result of hard everyday work of more than 3500 people.

Year after year your generous support helps to provide for well-deserved rewards of fine artists and give confidence in the future to our talented youth, as well makes it possible for us to invite renowned singers, dancers, conductors, artists, choreographers and producers.

We are happy to invite for cooperation all those who love and appreciate ballet and opera art and care for the fate of the Russian culture, all those who feel, or soon will feel that the Bolshoi is their home.

Together we can pull our efforts in creating masterpieces to be admired by the generations to come.

While not forgoing its state and academic status, the Bolshoi Theatre today aims to establish mutually beneficial relations with the business community on a high professional level. All our partners enjoy the Theatre’s special hospitality service, while each sponsor receives a unique package of benefits, including priority booking and a wide range of advertising and PR opportunities.

The package of benefits includes:

  • Public acknowledgement
  • Hospitality
  • Promotional opportunities

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