Act I

Scene 1

It is a quiet Christmas Eve. Drosselmeyer, a doll master, is busy preparing presents for his goddaughter, Masha, whom he has invited for the Christmas party.

Masha admires a marvellous Christmas tree, multiple wondrous toys, including Russian, Japanese, French, Spanish, Persian dolls, animated by a single movement of Drosselmeyer’s hand. The presentation of dolls is followed by their merry dances. Drosselmeyer has prepared a most exciting surprise for the girl; it’s three unusual dolls: a funny awkward wooden Nutcracker doll, a charming Princess doll, and his favourite one, a Mouse with a crown on its head. The Doll Master, proud and happy with his best creations, asks Masha to choose a doll for her. To Drosselmeyer’s disappointment, she chooses the Nutcracker.

Masha plays with the Nutcracker, but all of a sudden the doll falls, something has happened to the mechanism, it doesn’t work. Drosselmeyer urges her to choose another doll for her, but she is adamant. Drosselmeyer repairs the Nutcracker reluctantly and roughly and goes away, bearing in mind to check Masha’s love to the Nutcracker.

Masha admires the Nutcracker; it seems to her that it is not a doll, but a human being with a kind and deeply feeling heart. Masha is happy.

Drosselmeyer reappears to open the great ball of mechanical dolls. Masha and the Nutcracker are very glad to dance together with the dolls, made by the creative and inventive Doll Master.

But it is rather late. Drosselmeyer stops the dancing and puts Masha to bed. The Nutcracker is by Masha’s bed. The girl falls asleep and Drosselmeyer puts the dolls in order, since they will participate in Masha’s dream.

Scene 2

It is midnight. Masha sees an unusual dream.
The room is full of mice. There are more and more of them coming. They are creeping towards the Nutcracker. The Mouse King, the leader of the mice army, looks exactly like Drosselmeyer. Feeling the danger, Masha warns the Nutcracker and calls her doll friends for help.

The battle between the dolls and the mice army begins. The brave Nutcracker leads the dolls. He fearlessly enters into single combat with the Mouse King, but their forces are unequal. In the mortal combat, the fate of the bold Nutcracker, who has become so dear to Masha, is being decided. Masha overcomes her fear and rushes to defend him; she throws the Nutcracker’s sabre at the Mouse King. The Mouse King is defeated. The mice run away in horror. The awkward wooden Nutcracker becomes a handsome Prince, and Masha becomes a charming Princess.

Scene 3

Love triumphs. Masha, the Prince and their friends, the dolls that have come to life, dance in the company of nice snowflakes. The snowflakes take the friends on an amazing journey where new challenges await them.

Act II

In the rays of sunlight the snowflakes become beautiful flowers. The ambience of the country of childhood is jolly and festive. The journey goes on. But the evil is not totally suppressed. The Mouse King follows the friends, overshadowing their journey. In the last battle of the Nutcracker Prince and the Mouse King, the vanquished King tears off his mask – and what a surprise! Everybody sees the kind and generous Doll Master smiling.

The Prince and Masha have passed the trial, in which their love has grown stronger.

Drosselmeyer invites everybody for the Christmas ball, where Masha and the Prince will be engaged.

The celebration begins. Drosselmeyer’s dolls congratulate the loving couple. The merrymaking is in full swing.

A solemn moment comes: Drosselmeyer joins Masha’s and the Prince’s hands. Their happiness is endless.


What a pity that it is a mere dream! Masha wakes up and sees Drosselmeyer’s kind face. He gives her the smiling Nutcracker.