As Crassus in Spartacus.
As Crassus in Spartacus.
As Ferkhad in A Legend of Love.
As Ferkhad in A Legend of Love.
As Yashka in The Golden Age.
As Yashka in The Golden Age.


1985 — I prize at the International Competition of Ballet dancers in Moscow

1994 — the title of the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation



He was born on May 10, 1961 in Moscow. He is a successor to a ballet dynasty. In 1979 after graduation from the Moscow Choreographic School (now the Moscow State Choreographic Academy) where in final classes he studied under Peter Pestov, he joined the Bolshoi Ballet Company. He was one of the leading soloists of his generation at the Bolshoi.

Since 2011 he is a teacher-repetiteur at the Bolshoi Theater.


Bluebird (The Sleeping Beauty by P.Tchaikovsky, choreography by M. Petipa, Y. Grigorovich’s version, 1981)

French officer (The Hussar Ballad. Music by Tikhon Khrennikov, production by D. Bryantzev, 1981)

Tybalt (Romeo and Juliet by S. Prokofiev, choreography by Y. Grigorovich, 1981)

Khorud (Indian poem by U. Musaev, production by M. Scott, Y. Papko, 1982)

Crassus (A. Khachaturian’s Spartacus, choreography by Yuri Grigorovich, 1983)

Nerso (Gayane by A. Khachaturian, M. Martirosyan production, 1984)

Evil genius (Swan Lake by P. Tchaikovsky, in the 1st Y. Grigorovich version, 1984)

Abderakhman (Raimonda. Music by A. Glazunov, choreography Marius Petipa in the version by Y.Grigorovich, 1984)

Salieri (Mozart and Salieri, to music by W.I. Mozart and A. Salieri, choreography by V. Bokkadoro, 1986)

Prince Siegfried (Swan Lake, 1987)

Ivan the Terrible (Ivan the Terrible to music by S. Prokofiev, choreography by Y. Grigorovich, 1987)

Ferkhad (A Legend of Love. Music by Arif Melikov. choreography by Yuri Grigorovich, 1988)

Count Albrecht (Giselle by A. Adam, choreography by J. Coralli, J. Perrot and M. Petipa in Y. Grigorovich version, 1988)

Solor (La Bayadere by L. Mikus, choreography by M. Petipa, Yuri Grigorovich production, 1991)

Little Count Cherry (Cipollino. Music by Karen Khachaturyan. Genrikh Mayorov production, 1991)

Casanova (Fantasy on the Casanova Theme to music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mikhail Lavrovsky production, 1993) — creator of the role

Conrad (Le Corsaire by A. Adam. Choreography by K. Sergeev after M. Petipa, 1992, then in the version of Y. Grigorovich, 1994)

Basilio (Don Quixote. choreography by A. Gorsky, 1988, in the version of Y. Grigorovich, 1994)

Yashka (The Golden Age. Music by Dmitry Shostakovich. Yuri Grigorovich production, 1994)

James (Herman Levenskiold’s La Sylphide ; choreography by August Bournonville in a version by E.M. von Rosen, 1995)

Paul (The Last Tango to music by Astor Piazzoll, choreography by V. Gordeev, 1996)

Petruchio (The Taming of the Shrew to music by Kurt-Heinz Stolze after Domenico Scarlatti; choreography by John Cranko, 1996) — creator of the role at the Bolshoi theater

He lived and worked at the USA starting with 1996 — at the Ballet International Indianapolis (1996-98), Tulsa Ballet (Oklahoma, 1999). He started to work with the Arlington ballet Company (now Metropolitan Classical Ballet) in 2000 and in 2002 he became one of its art directors.

Among the parts:

Shahriyar (Arabian Nights by F. Amirov, E. Aliev production, 1996)

Devil, God (Creation of the World, by A.P. Petrov, choreography by N. Kasatkina, V. Vasilev, 1997, 2004)

Jose (Carmen-Suite, to music by G. Bizet-R. Shchedrin, choreography by A. Alonso, 2001)

His repertoire also includes ballets by G. Balanchine, V. Caniparoli, A. Pokrovski, P. Mejia, E. Tussen, etc.

In 2002 he staged Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker at the Arlington ballet. He transferred such ballets as Paganini to music by S. Rachmaninoff (choreography by L. Lavrovsky, 2001), Fantasy on the Casanova Theme (2002), Chopiniana to music by F.Chopin (choreography by M. Fokine, 2003), Spartacus (2004), etc. to the American scene.

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