1966 — I prize at the International Ballet Competition in Varna (Bulgaria)

1969 — I prize at the All-Union Competition of New Choreographic numbers in Moscow, I prize at the International Ballet Competition in Moscow, at the International Dance Festival in Paris he was awarded the Gold Star “To the best ballet pair” (together with Nina Sorokina)

1970 — Merited Artist of the RSFSR (Russian Federation)

1975 — People’s Artist of the RSFSR

1976 — the Order of Honour

1987 — People’s Artist of the USSR

Юрий Владимиров


“Mr. Valdimirov has been with the Bolshoi Theater only for two seasons, and he resembles his teacher — a temperamental Alexei Ermolaev very much. He dances with a stunning disregard for the laws of nature and with a breathtaking mixture of bravura and bravado” — from a revierw in the Times (1965).

He was born in village Kosterevo, Vladimirsky oblast, January 1, 1942. In 1962 he finished the Moscow Choreographic School (now the Moscow State Choreographic Academy), where his teacher was an outstanding dancer Alexei Ermolaev. After graduation he joined the Bolshoi Ballet Company.

He was famous for his impetuousness and powerful temperament, and he had a gorgeous leap. Together with his wife, the People’s Artist of the USSR Nina Sorokina they made a perfect duet.

He finished dancing in 1987 and became a teacher-repetiteur at the Bolshoi Theater.

At present Dmitry Gudanov, Alexander Voroviev, Batyr Annadurdiev, Sergei Dorenski and other ballet dancers rehearse under his guidance.


He was the creator of the following parts:

Geologists (Geologists by N. Karetnikov, production by N. Kasatkina and V.Vasilev, 1964)

Shepherd (Le Sacre du printemps to music by I. Stravinsky, production by N. Kasatkina and V.Vasilev, 1965)

Icarus (Icarus by S. Slonimsky, V. Vasiliev production, 1971)

Muzhik at the train station (Anna Karenina by R. R. Shchedrin, choreography by M. Plisetskaya, N. Ryzhenko and V. Smirnova-Golovanova, 1972)

Ivan the Terrible (Ivan the Terrible to music by S. Prokofiev, choreography by Y. Grigorovich, 1975)

Benedick (Love for Love. Music by Tikhon Khrennikov. Vera Boccadoro production. Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing adaptation to the ballet, 1976)

Don Quixote (The Knight of the Rueful Countenance to music by R. Strauss, A. Petrov production, 1985)

Among other parts:

Bluebird (The Sleeping Beauty by P.Tchaikovsky, choreography by M. Petipa, Y. Grigorovich’s version, 1966)

Baytemir (Asel by V. Vlasov, production by O. Vinogradov, 1967)

The Nutcracker-Prince (Nutcracker by P. Tchaikovsky, production by Yuri Grigorovich, 1967)

Spartacus (A. Khachaturian’s Spartacus, choreography by Yuri Grigorovich, 1969)

Rzhevsky (The Hussar Ballad. Music by Tikhon Khrennikov, production by D. Bryantzev, 1980)

He starred in the TV ballet Naughty Limericks (music by R. Shchedrin, choreography by N. Ryzhenko and V. Smirnov-Golovanov, director V. Grave, 1970), in the TV film-concert Choreographic novellas (choreography by N. Kasatkina and V. Vasilev, directors V. Grave, V. Vasilev, c/a"The Screen", 1973), film-ballet A Terrible Epoch (after the ballet Ivan the Terrible, directors Y. Grigorovich and V. Derbenev, 1975)

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