As Hungarian Bride in Swan Lake.Photo by Nadezhda Bausova.
As Hungarian Bride in Swan Lake.
Photo by Nadezhda Bausova.
As Tobacco Girl in Carmen Suite.Photo by Andrei Melanyin.
As Tobacco Girl in Carmen Suite.
Photo by Andrei Melanyin.
Dance with drum.La Bayadere.Photo by Andrei Melanyin.
Dance with drum.
La Bayadere.
Photo by Andrei Melanyin.
As Gypsy Woman in Anyuta.Photo by Elena Fetisova.
As Gypsy Woman in Anyuta.
Photo by Elena Fetisova.



She was born in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine). In 1992 after graduation from the Moscow Choreographic College (now the Moscow State Choreographic Academy, class of Elena Ryabinkina), she joined the Ballet Company of the Bolshoi Theater. For a long time she has been rehearsing under the guidance of Rimma Karelskaya.



Russian bride (Swan Lake by P. Tchaikovsky. Choreography by Marius Petipa, Lev Ivanov, Alexander Gorsky. In the version by Yuri Grigorovich)
Fairy of Generosity, Fairy of Sapphire (The Sleeping Beauty by P.Tchaikovsky, choreography by M. Petipa, Y. Grigorovich version)


Two wilises (Giselle by A. Adam; choreography by Jean Coralli, Jules Perrot, Marius Petipa in the version by Yuri Grigorovich)


Indian doll (Nutcracker, by P. Tchaikovsky, choreography by Y. Grigorovich)
Pikkilia (Don Quixote, by L.Minkus, choreography by M. Petipa, A. Gorsky; Y. Grigorovich version)
Magnolia (Cipollino. Music by Karen Khachaturyan. Production by Genrikh Mayorov)
3d variation in the “Shadows” scene (La Bayadère by L. Minkus. Choreography by M. Petipa, Yuri Grigorovich production)
Friends to Shireen (A Legend of Love. Music by Arif Melikov, production by Yuri Grigorovich)
11th waltz (Chopiniana to music by F. Chopin, choreography by Mikhail Fokine)


Friends to Prince (Swan Lake)
Paul’s wife (The Last tango, Music by Astor Piazzolla, choreography by Vyacheslav Gordeev) — creator of the role


Anyuta (Anyuta to music by Valery Gavrilin; choreography by Vladimir Vasiliev )
Henrietta, Clemence (Raimonda by A.Glazunov. Choreography by M. Petipa in the version of Y. Grigorovich)
Cinderella (The Sleeping Beauty)
Lady of Heart (Fantasy on the Casanova Theme to music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mikhail Lavrovsky production)
Friends to Giselle (Giselle, production by V. Vasiliev)


Quartet (Mozartiana to music by P. Tchaikovsky, choreography by G.Balanchine) — was among the creators of the ballet at the Bolshoi Theater
Street dancer (Don Quixote)


Two pairs in part I (Symphony C-major to music by G. Bizet, choreography by G. Balanchine) — was among the creators of this ballet at the Bolshoi Theater


1st variation in Grand Pas (Don Quixote)
Waltz, Hungarian Bride (Swan Lake; choreography by Alexander Gorsky, Marius Petipa, Lev Ivanov in the 2nd version by Yuri Grigorovich)


1st variation in the scene Raimonda’s Dreams
Grand Pas (Raimonda )
Caryatides (La Fille du Pharao by C. Pugni, Pierre Lacotte production after Marius Petipa)


Gitel (Leah to music by Leonard Bernstein. Alexei Ratmansky production, the second version) — creator of the role
2nd variation in Pas d’action (La Fille du Pharao by C. Pugni, Pierre Lacotte production after Marius Petipa)


Man’ka Lucky/Fart (Bolt by D. Shostakovich, Alexei Ratmansky production)
Flower girl (Gaite parisienne to music by Jacques Offenbach, in M. Rozental’s adaptation, choreography by L. Massine)
Tobacco Girls (Carmen Suite to music by Bizet-Shchedrin, A. Alonso production)


Summer, waltz soloists (Cinderella by S. Prokofiev, Y. Possokhov and Y. Borisov production) — was among the creators of this ballet
Nepmen (The Golden Age. Music by Dmitry Shostakovich. Yuri Grigorovich production)
Dance with a drum (La Bayadere; choreography by Marius Petipa, in the version by Yuri Grigorovich)


Soloist (In the Upper Room. Music by Philip Glass. Choreography by Twyla Tharp)
Milkmaid (The Bright Stream. Music by Dmitry Shostakovich. Alexei Ratmansky production)
Pirates dance (“pair”) (Le Corsaire by A. Adam. Production and new choreography by Alexei Ratmansky and Yuri Burlaka after Marius Petipa)


Effi (Herman Lovenskjold’s La Sylphide; choreography August Bournonville in a version by Johan Kobborg)
Furies (Boris Asfiev’s The Flames of Paris. Production and new choreography by Alexei Ratmansky after Vasily Vainonen) — was among the creators of the ballet


Megaera (Cesare Pugni’s La Esmeralda; Choreography by M. Petipa, production and new choreographic version by Y. Burlaka, V. Medvedev)


Nurse to Juliet (Romeo and Juliet by S. Prokofiev. Production by Y. Grigorovich)


Bérénice (Illusions perdues. Music by Leonid Desyatnikov, choreography by Alexei Ratmansky) — creator of the role


Three gypsies (Anyuta)
Anna (La Sylphide in the version by Johan Kobborg))
Aya (La Bayadere)

She took part in the Bolshoi Theatre’s New Year Premieres of works by young choreographers (1997), dancing in Eva Zamazalova’s ballet L’Estro Armonica, to music by A.Vivaldi.