In 1993 he graduated from the M.S. Shchepkin Theatre Institute, V.A. Safronov’s Studio. On graduating from the Institute, he was invited to teach fencing at the Institute’s faculty of stage movement.
He taught stage movement and fencing at the Institute of Contemporary Art (S.M. Bragarnik’s course) and at the Moscow branch of The Yaroslav Theatre Institute (O.V. Matveyev’s Studio).

He directed the Russian Academic Youth Theatre’s production of The Musketeers. He also directed stage combat, stunts and stage movement in the following Russian Academic Youth Theatre productions: The Dawns are Quiet Here..., the In and Yan duology, Lorenzaccio, Erast Fandorin, Winter, The Shores of Utopia trilogy, Red and Black, Crimson Sails, Don Quixote.

In 2004 he opened the Touché Art of Fencing School, Russia’s first public school of stage fencing.

He takes part in movies, he staged the stunts and duels in the following films: Queen Margot, The Countess of Monsoreau, The Barber of Siberia, Satisfaction, The Alexander Garden, The Notes of the Expeditor of the Secret Chancery. He was Assistant director of the movie The Sovereign’s Servant.