Евгений Афонин


Born in 1983 in Moscow, Evgeniy studied at the Moscow Institute of Radio Engineering and Automation. He has worked with video art since 2003, performing as a VJ at clubs and festival venues.

Since 2008 Evgeniy has worked in the field of digital arts and new multimedia technologies, interactive design, generative systems, and natural human-computer interaction. His work focuses on designing and constructing immersive interactive environments, as well as kinematic models and specialized object-control software.

Evgeniy is a co-founder of Moscow-based creative company Russian Visual Artists. He has worked in more than a dozen theatrical productions as video/media artist, in gallery exhibitions, and on commercial projects.

Since departing from RVA in 2012 Evgeniy and Yan Kalnberzin have continued to work together "mostly by our names" Evgeniy tells us, but also as Foregniers Art-Group and more recently as Curiosity Media Laboratory based out of Mars Art Center".