1.1 Current Terms & Conditions for the sale, refund theatre tickets (of e-tickets) and transfer of personalized tickets (further referred as Terms) are governed by and construed in accordance with Russian Federation Law that regulates federal state budget institutions of culture, and complied with Russian Federation Law dated 9 October 1992 №3612-1 Fundamental Principles of Russian Federation Legislation on Culture and other statutory law.

1.2 These Terms include general policy on theatre ticket sale and regulate relations between Theatre and the Customer. Theatre reserves the right to make changes to current Terms at any period of time without prior notice to the Customer. Edition of the Terms, approved by Decree of Theatre management office, and is published online on the Theatre official website and available at the ticket offices, (further referred as Current Terms) is treated as foreground in comparison to the previous editions. In the event of dispute between Customer and Theatre, the latest edition that was available at the period of when the ticket was purchased will be applied, with a condition that Customer will be able to point out which edition was available at the moment. Otherwise, Current Edition will be applied.

1.3 Ticket is an agreement for a service provided in the fields of culture; by purchasing it, Customer is deemed to accept Terms and to take responsibility to comply with general policy of ticket sale/purchase and conditions set by attending the event. Meanwhile, Theatre is obliged to provide the service in the form of showing performance on the date and time stated on the ticket.

1.4 Tickets are generated by the theatre automatic informational system in accordance with terms presented to ticket information governed by the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation. Ticket, when purchased at the ticket office, is printed out by the cashier; Ticket that was booked online, should be printed by Customer on A4 plain paper.

1.5 In case a personalized ticket was booked online via Theatre website, Account User fills in Guest’s information in the User Account personally, and after payment is processed, prints out e-ticket on A4 plain paper. User is responsible to provide accurate data that is required to purchase a personalized ticket for Guest and agrees to have his/her personal data collected and stored within the Theatre automatic system.

1.6 Сhildren who reached six years old and above are admitted to the theatre. Theatre advises to pay attention to age restrictions upon ticket purchase (information is indicated on the posters and tickets), which are in accordance with the requirements of Federal Law dated 29 December 2010 N 436-FZ “On Protecting Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development”.

1.7 Admission control will be conducted by validating tickets which are printed on typographic form and e-tickets which are printed by visitor on A4 plain paper personally via automatic access control system (AACS). Entrance is carried out through gates number indicated on the ticket (if there is no gate number indicated on the ticket, admission entry is through the main entrance).

1.8 Verification of Guest’s documents and proof of identification is conducted upon arrival in order to validate the right for possession of e-ticket, personalized ticket or ticket acquired for special programs. Theater reserves the right to refuse the entry in case if information and name on the ticket does not correspond with information on proof of identification, and no refunds will be payable.

1.9 Ticket should include mandatory details and be in accordance with the form approved by the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation. Tickets that are purchased by the mean that violate Current Terms and are not in line with the established requirements by the Ministry of Culture: elements on the tickets do not comply with design approved by the Theatre, have corrections or are counterfeit tickets are invalid, and Theatre reserves the right to refuse the entrance with no refund. Theatre accepts no responsibility for the validity of Ticket purchased from unauthorized agents or from locations that are not an official distribution points. Tickets that are purchased by the mean that violate Russian Federation Law dated 9 October 1992 №3612-1 Fundamental Principles of Russian Federation Legislation on Culture cannot be exchanged or refunded.