3.1 In order to book an online ticket, it is needed to register and create a personal account on the official website of the Bolshoi Theatre under Your Visit section ( Email address is usually used as login. It is important to follow the procedure of filling in personal information. For the purpose of further convenient use of personal account, it is offered to indicate surname, first name, email address and phone number.

3.2 Login and password are required to enter personal account which are assigned to the user upon registration. To recover a lost password, the user can click the ‘Restore Password’ button. Link will be available for a limited period of time, and it will be sent to the user’s email which was indicated upon registration in order to make amendments.

3.3 Upon registration, User presses corresponding button and agrees to follow Theatre terms for ticket sale and conditions for visiting Theatre; he/she chooses option to receive newsletters, notifications and messages of advertising purposes, agrees to providing personal data indicated upon registration ( according to clause 3.1 of the Current Terms) which are needed in order to book tickets online. User consents to the processing of personal data for the purpose of given above including (without limitation) collection, optimization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update or change), usage, distribution (including to the third parties), data sanitization, blocking, annihilation – in accordance with Federal Law of Russian Federation dated 27 July 2006 № 152 – FZ On Personal Data.

3.4 User takes full responsibility for all actions carried by his/her name on the website, and is obliged to immediately notify Theatre about unauthorized access from his/her page.

3.5 Theatre automatic system offers User to choose performance for a specific date and time via personal account. In case of tickets availability for sale, ‘Buy Ticket’ button is highlighted opposite the performance name. Chosen seats are displayed in a Shopping Basket for 20 minutes - timeframe which allows completing booking. It is important to note the permitted number of tickets which can be booked per one order based on terms. Separate order should be created in case if additional order is needed. For personalized tickets, Guest’s personal information should be indicated.

3.6 Upon booking completion it is required to make payment by bank card. Payment should be made by the bank card holder.

3.7 Online payment is processed through payment systems such as VISA International, MasterCard WorldWide, MIR. User will be directed to a payment gateway to enter bank details. Connection to the payment getaway and data transfer is carried out in a secure mode using SSL encryption protocol.

3.8 In case a servicing bank supports technology of secured internet-payment, special password may be required. More information on how to acquire this password should be clarified with the servicing bank issuer. Website supports 256-bit encryption. Privacy of personal data information is guaranteed by the bank. Provided information will not be transferred to the third party unless it is the cases governed by The Law of Russian Federation. Payment transactions are strictly carried in accordance with requirements of payment systems Visa Int. and MasterCard Europe Sprl, MIR.

3.9 Upon booking completion and confirmation, it is required to go back to the Theatre website by pressing ‘Return to the Site’ button.

3.10 In case of successful authorization and once payment is processed, e-ticket order information will be displayed in the user‘s personal account. User needs to enter his/her personal account and personally print e-ticket out on A4 plain paper.

3.11 Terms of the use of e-ticket.

3.11.1 Tickets on electronic devices are not valid to gain the admission to the auditorium. Printed e-ticket should be presented to the controller upon the entrance to the Theatre.
3.11.2 E-ticket, printed on A4 plain paper, is valid for one person, does not require to be exchanged to a regular ticket and gives Guest access to the event via auto control system during indicated on the ticket date and time.
3.11.3 Personalized ticket, printed on A4 plain paper, is considered valid if it includes mandatory details and is in accordance with the form approved by the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation. Identification document should be presented alongside, and personal details should match information on the ticket.
3.12 Please refer to the information below if you purchase e-ticket through Theatre website.

3.12.1 In case if tickets sale is not announced yet, there will be ‘Soon on Sale’ sign opposite the name of performance. It means that sale is not open yet and the start date of the sale can be checked in the presale timetable in Your Visit section online. ‘Sold Out’ means tickets are either sold out already, or will not be available for sale at all. Empty field opposite performance name means that tickets sale is not available. Performances with specific terms of implementation or special programs are marked with specific description on the button ‘Details’.
3.12.2 Unpaid tickets will be saved in the shopping basket no more than 20 minutes. It will be automatically voided after. Payment will be unblocked and will be returned back to the owner within 3 days.
3.12.3 One order can contain no more than 4 (four) tickets. Additional order can be created if needed. System will not allow creating new order if there is pending order in the shopping basket.
3.12.4 If two users simultaneously are in process of purchasing the same ticket, order is completed by the one who was first to select seats and proceed with the payment. Unpaid order is automatically voided.
3.13 Theatre rights and responsibilities

3.13.1 Theatre ensures to use information received from User only for the purpose of website proper functioning and carrying out obligations to the Customer.
3.13.2 Theatre has the right for unilateral decision to limit User’s access in case if the latter fails to comply with the Current Terms.
3.13.3 Theatre has the right to discontinue website work without prior notice to User and is not responsible for temporary or permanent deactivation due to reasons that are beyond Theatre control.
3.13.4 Theatre does not take responsibility for the direct or indirect loss and damage occurred due to use or failure of website use or unauthorized access that are beyond Theatre control.
3.13.5 Theatre liability to the Customer is restricted by the cost of purchased tickets; disputes between Theatre and Customer should be resolved through negotiations. Failure to resolve disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Russian Federation.