5.1 The Bolshoi for Young program seeks to create additional impulse for youth audience, and provide accessibility and a favorable environment to visit the Theatre.

5.1.1 Tickets for these programs are meant for Russian citizens, within age limit 16-25 at the moment of ticket purchase, and who want to visit the Theatre in person.
5.1.2 Tickets for these programs are sold prior to announced performances, or, at discretion of Theatre administration, to specifically assigned seats of the current repertoire. Information on these performances as well as Term & Conditions of sale and purchase is published in advance on the Theatre website in Your Visit section and placed at the box office.
5.2 The Bolshoi for Young gives full time students of Russian institutions the right to purchase one ticket in the amount of 100 (one hundred) RUBLES for one student upon presenting student ID.

5.2.1 This program is only applicable for performances at Historical and New Stages of The Bolshoi Theatre (exceptions are special performances), and not applicable for performances at Beethoven Hall, Boris Pokrovsky Chamber Stage and performances organized by other parties at the Bolshoi Theatre.
5.2.2 Up to 30 (thirty) tickets are allocated for each performance at New Stage, 84 (eighty- four) for Historical Stage (standing room of a numbered row of 4th tier, no seats are available). Tickets sale for matinee starts at 10:00 in the morning, daytime –at 12:00 in the afternoon, evening at 16:00 (tickets sale time can be changed at discretion of theatre administration, and will be notified separately).
5.2.3 Ticket is printed and marked that it was purchased with Student ID. At the gate control ticket owner should present Student ID and document that validates identity.
5.3 Special program for tickets sale of the cost category of 100 and 200 RUBLES

5.3.1 Tickets sale for this program is carried out by organizations, which provide public social support to retired, invalids of all categories, those who have social benefits and have any valid form of proof, artists occupied in performance and theatre employees.
5.3.2 Organizations that provide support for socially unprotected and low-income group of citizens need to forward request to the Theatre – application on official forms to be signed by the Head of organization with indication of juridical and financial details, person in charge, number of tickets and stated month when performance tickets are requested.
5.3.3 Tickets for this program are printed on special forms, where the name of social organization is indicated with a mark that ticket was purchased with Social ID.
5.3.4 Person in charge, appointed by the Head of Theatre Sales Department, distributes tickets based on the total amount of applications for the current month. Depending on the amount of requests, application can be approved either fully, partially, or denied or transferred to another month.
5.4 Special program for tickets of low cost category.

5.4.1 Current program is aimed to provide ticket accessibility to the end user - Guest who wants to attend a performance in person. It is applicable for all performances at Historic and New Stages within the price category of 6,7,8 zones of Historic Stage and 5,6 zones of New Stage and for the seats of the central part of stalls in the event when 20 and less tickets left unsold.
5.4.2 Tickets for this program are printed and should indicate Guest’s personal information. It is needed to present guest’s document of identity verification to the cashier. In case if the ticket is booked online, user should indicate Guest’s personal information. Guest’s admission for special events is allowed upon presenting his/her ID at the control gate of the Theatre. Full name and a number should match information on the ticket.
5.4.3 Theatre reserves the right to change the order and term of tickets sale for this program without prior notice to guests.
5.5 Administration can make the decision to apply special Terms & Conditions for tickets sale to the events with a higher demand. Relevant information is displayed on the website and at the Theatre box office prior to events and indicates special terms for further booking.