6.1 Starting from 1 September 2019, Theatre distributes tickets independently without use of the third parties. Tickets sale occurs at the Theatre box offices or through Theatre website.

6.2 Theatre holds the right to sign agreement with the third parties (authorized agents) to delegate distribution rights to organizations at any time. List of organizations that are bonded with the Theatre by contract is published on the website in the section Your Visit.

6.3 In the presence of agreement between third parties and the Theatre, tickets sale by the third parties is carried out based on the agreement between third parties and the Theatre. Tickets indicate the price set by the theatre. Distributors have the right to establish their own service fees which should be less than 10% of the ticket cost according to the Law of Russian Federation from 9 October 1992 № 3612-1 Fundamental Principles of Russian Federation Legislation on Culture and other statutory law.