8.1 Guest admissions and staff assistance start no earlier than 1 (one) hour prior to the event. Admission is allowed after the first bell, and is not permitted after the third bell.

8.2 Guest should be properly dressed according to the dress code. Wearing shorts, t-shirts, slippers is not allowed. It is not welcomed to enter in outside clothes, carrying drinks, food, flowers or be under the influence of alcohol.

8.3 If cloak-room ticket or personal belongings are lost from the cloak-room, Guest should seek for staff or Theatre Manager’s assistance.

8.4 Mobile phones or other electronic devices must be switched off or silenced. For security and copyright protection, any types of audio, photo or video recordings of the performances and its fragments are prohibited without special permission from Theatre management.

8.5 Customer consents to abide by public order within Theatre premises. Customer will compensate any of the Theatre property damage in accordance with legislation of Russian Federation.

8.6 For audience safety reasons it is prohibited to enter auditorium with the following objects: any dangerous weapon, firearms, ammunition, projectiles or explosives in solid, gas or liquid form, fireworks, any highly flammable incendiary device or object, any chemical that can be considered hazardous, knives, any sharp or pointed metal objects, lasers or similar potentially disruptive light emitting, narcotics or other mind-altering substances, alcohol, luggage, big packages or bags, animals; it is prohibited to wear contaminated clothes or carry items that contaminate others.

8.7 It is prohibited to go beyond designated areas, open windows, sit or stand in the passage or on the staircases, enter premises that are not allowed for entrance, do writings or post advertisements, banners or any other informative collaterals; demonstrate symbolic that are aimed for racist, social, national or religious incitement of hatred.

8.8 Flowers for artists should be passed to the Theatre personnel with its further delivery to artists who they are meant for.

8.9 In accordance with Federal Law dated 23 February 2013 № 15-FZ on Health Protection from Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke and the Consequences of Tobacco Consumption, smoking is prohibited on Theatre premises.

8.10 Wheelchair users with a ticket should notify about their visit 7 (seven) calendar days prior the event by phone (+7(495) 455 5555) in order to make special arrangements for wheelchair at specially assigned locations – 6 (six) at Historical Stage, 2 (two) at New Stage. Right before the event, it is necessary to find Theatre administrator (main entrance № 10 of Historical Stage or main entrance of New Stage) to request to accompany him/her to the right seat.